Shoot Down the Stars is in Audio!

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Woot woot! Shoot Down the Stars is available in audio!!! Check out the interview with the narrator, Stephanie, below!

One glance, and it came rushing back.

After a devastating break-up, Amelia moves in with her aunt and uncle. Focusing on getting back on her feet, and forgetting the guy who broke her heart, the last thing on her mind is finding love… until she runs into a childhood friend.

Randall’s given up on finding “the one”.

Given up on living a life that doesn’t include being stuck in Asheville and dealing with an alcoholic father. It’s nothing he wants, but it’s all he’s got until the girl he used to play hide and seek with as a child serves a wake-up call and shows him everything he thought he could live without.

Can two lost souls find love or will demons from their past hold them back?


Interview with Stephanie Osborn

Do you read the book first?

YES! I always read the book when I get it before I start recording. I like to know if there are any twists so I can keep that in mind while telling the story. I also use this as an opportunity for pronunciation concerns and other questions that I may have for the author. Plus who doesn’t love getting curled up on the couch with a book and a coffee? And knowing this is part of their job!


Do you do anything to make your characters sound different in each book you narrate? Like from one book to the next?

I try to. I  tend to keep a list with different personality traits, tones, and pitches for each character as I go. Some characters are more soft-spoken and some are larger than life. I try to have my voice reflect their personalities. If you listen closely in any of the books I narrate, the main character always has a different personality shine through in my voice.


Do you cringe when you read sex scenes aloud?

100% – Editing those are my favorite though because sometimes it will take me five times to say a sentence without laughing or chanting to myself that I can do this and I’m a g-damn professional. It makes for a comical editing process.


When switching from the voice from female to male or male to female, what thoughts go through your head?

I really try to picture the character in my head, getting in their head helps me. But sometimes it takes a few tries going to the male voice because I naturally have a higher pitch voice and it may take a lot of water before I can reach the right tone. Switching over to a female voice is easier. But mostly I just tell myself to slow down and think while switching. I’m from the Boston area and we tend to talk really fast.


How much do you practice before recording?

This may sound bad but honestly not much. I try voices my first time reading the book and once I’m done I usually get started right away. I will just record a whole chapter and edit out the mistakes and outtakes after. If I practice too much I tend to second guess myself and ruin the authentic sound I go for. My biggest goal is I want the story to feel like I am just talking to you not reading you a book.


If you had your perfect world, what info do you wish authors would give you before you start a project?

Other than pronunciations of unique names…a playlist. Music helps get into the zone when trying to get into a character’s head. I love when authors include a playlist of what songs may have inspired certain aspects of the story or helped to morph a character. For example, if the character is going through a breakup, what would he or she listen to on repeat? I have music playing all day at my house and knowing what songs are crucial to understanding the story would be a huge help.


What do you do to help your voice? Warm-ups, routine, drinks?

WATER is my number one! I have a giant water bottle I keep right outside of my studio. Talking even in my normal voice dries out my mouth, nevermind if I’m putting a strain on my vocal cords. I also tend to stay away from dairy on the days I record. This makes life hard when I have to switch coffee and cream for hot tea, lemon, and honey. I don’t use specific voice exercises but I do yet again put on music and softy sing before I record but trust me, that is for my ears only.


Thanks, Katrina, this has been so much fun to work with you and I wish you all the best!




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