My Only Wish is You is available on audio + an interview with the narrator!

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Y’all, I’m so stoked that My Only Wish is You is now available in audio.

It was only supposed to be a summer fling.

Marshall left the only girl he ever truly cared about. Not because he wanted to but because he had to. Now, it’s Christmas break and he wants to prove that they’re made for each other.

Bianca locked herself away when Marshall left, not even telling him goodbye. Now that Marshall is back, she’s struggling to keep the walls she built intact.

Can Marshall convince Bianca to give them another chance? Will Bianca allow her fears to keep her from finding happiness?


Grab your copy today!

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Interview with narrator Andy Garcia-Ruse

Do you read the book first?  

I do! (sometimes twice).  😉  As soon as I get the manuscript, I prep the book, which is a task that involves many steps, but some of them include reading the book once through so that I can work on character development. I also note any key scenes or emotions in the book. I also identify special words or pronunciations that need researching.  The reason I may read it twice is because I am also an avid reader and audiobook listener in my personal life, so sometimes I get caught up in pleasure reading vs prepping and so have to go back to prep all over again. LOL .  My process is different for a fiction book vs a non-fiction book.


Do you do anything to make your characters sound different in each book you narrate? Like from one book to the next?

Yes and no; it depends LOL.  Some writers specifically chose me because they heard some voices from other books and want that exact voice for one or more of their characters.  That being said, each book is different and there will be different nuances to the characters and emotions that will play differently.  I do have a repertoire of character voices that I can pull from, but some books require a whole new character development-which is a blast to do.


Do you cringe when you read sex scenes aloud?

I haven’t had anything very sexually explicit to read in any of my books, but from what I have read, no would be the answer.  If a narrator was uncomfortable with a book’s material, then I think it would negatively impact the performance and ultimate result of the book.


When switching from the voice from female to male, or male to female, what thoughts go through your head?

For me it’s just natural.  It’s like I’m watching a movie and it makes sense for the voice go from female to male (or vice-versa).


How much do you practice before recording?

I don’t practice, but I do warm-up prior to recording so that my voice is fresh and ready.


If you had your perfect world, what info do you wish authors would give you before you start a project?

For me it would be to make sure that the author understands the narration/production process. Some authors do not understand the amount of work that goes into producing an audiobook, nor the workflow, so if it’s not understood it could impact expectations. Thankfully, I have not encountered this. All of my authors have been blessings to work with. I have a Welcome Packet that I email to my authors (provided they connect with me via email) that explains my process and the exact steps I take throughout the production. Incorporated within this, I ask the authors to give me any thoughts they may have on specific characters, etc. so that I can incorporate their vision into the production.

What do you do to help your voice? Warm ups, routines, drinks?

I think you will find many narrators have a specific routine, and I’m no different.  For me, hydration is my foundation (I am always keeping my fluid intake up) and that includes tea (especially throat coat, which is great for someone who speaks/sings).  I also make sure that I am not hungry (as the microphone WILL pick up any gurgling sounds).  I start in the studio with vocal warm-ups (trills, tongue twisters and humming), I do some stretching, breathing, a facial massage, and a quick prayer for a great session. I also have a couple of weird quirks (turning on my fun lights and some little play things in my studio)—very ritualistic of me.



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