Gin & Good Guys Cover Reveal!

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Today I get to share the cover of Gin & Good Guys with you! I absolutely love it. Eric and Joan are a bit of a mess, but in all the best ways. Writing them has been so much fun. I may have also taken some inspiration from real life since I know what it’s like to have two teenagers at the same time. To say it’s a whirlwind is an understatement. Without further ado… here’s the cover!

Bartending on the weekends to support my kids is working out great. But keeping my heart guarded against my boss, who’s younger than me…not an easy task. 

Working at Out of the Ashes is supposed to be temporary. Long enough to save up some money for my kids’ sports, and then we can move out of my dad’s house. And I’m not about to ask my ex-husband for help, even if we have a great co-parenting relationship.

My boss, Eric, has made it no secret he’s attracted to me. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t feel the tension sizzle between us. But with two teens to raise, two jobs, and figuring out what I’m doing with my life…now is not the time to jump into a relationship. 

Each day that goes by, his charm becomes harder and harder to resist. When he intervenes in what could have been a dangerous situation, I let my guard down the tiniest fraction. And I liked it. 

However, it can’t go further than that. There’s enough on mine and my kids’ plates as is. Could we make room for my sexy as sin boss?

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Posted August 29, 2023 by katrinamarieauthor in Journal / 0 Comments