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My Only Wish is You is FREE until Friday 6/12descriptionThere’s no point in dwelling on it right now. It won’t do any good to get worked up over something that may not be an issue. My next client is late, and I might as well go grab my snack before he gets here. I walk out of my studio and almost run right into Sophie. She apologizes, “I tried getting rid of him as fast as I could. But he insisted on making an appointment.” She looks around making sure nobody is listening to our conversation. “I can always tell him you’re sick on that day.”Shaking my head, I sigh. “There’s no point. He’ll show up regardless of what you tell him.” He may even show up before his appointment in case someone cancels. I definitely wouldn’t put it past him. “He’s persistent like that. At least I have people here that can come to my rescue if it’s needed.”“That’s true.” Sophie nods vigorously. “I know Charleigh and Corey are working. I’m not sure about Adrian, though.” She shoots a glance at Adrian coming out of his studio. Turning her attention back to me, she resembles a love-sick puppy.Sophie needs to get it together and go after him. He’s never going to be the first person that makes a move because he’s worried she’s too young for him, and that he’s too damaged. I kind of want to lock the two of them in a room together to force them to deal with their feelings for each other. It’s ridiculous how much they tiptoe around each other. A studio Christmas party would provide the perfect backdrop. Maybe I’ll talk to Charleigh about it, and we can gang up on her uncle to make it happen. Then again, who am I to be giving relationship advice. I just hid in my studio to avoid the one person who means anything to me.I scoot past Sophie. “I’m going to grab a snack before my next appointment shows up.” If he ever shows up. It’s not like him to be late, but I’m also happy for the reprieve. It gives me time to clear my head and feed my growling stomach.Corey is in the breakroom when I walk through the door. I don’t say anything. There’s only one thing on my mind, well two but I can only deal with the one, and that’s food. A few containers of yogurt line the top shelf of the refrigerator, and I grab two of them. I should probably run to the restaurant down the block and grab dinner, but I’m sure it’s packed with people brave enough to venture out into the cold. These will have to suffice until I leave work in a couple of hours.“You didn’t go with Charleigh tonight?” The sound of Corey’s voice makes me jump and I hit the top of my head on the fridge. He couldn’t have waited until I was sitting at the table to ask?“No,” I reply, pulling the chair out before plopping onto it. “I already had a few appointments lined up and I didn’t want to leave y’all short-handed.”“It’s not like we’re incredibly busy,” he argues. “It’s nothing Adrian and I couldn’t have handled.”“I know, but I didn’t want to reschedule my clients. And,” I breathe. “I didn’t want to be around all the lovey-dovey couples tonight.”He eyes me, as if he can see the real reason I didn’t want to go. “You were scared to run into that young man that was in here just a few minutes ago, weren’t you?”I have to be honest, I’m not a fan of the direction this conversation is going in. “No, I would rather work. Besides with Christmas coming up in a week, I need the extra money.”“If that’s what you want to tell yourself.” Corey gets up and leaves me in the breakroom. Alone with my thoughts. I think he might be right. A part of it had to do with all the couples, but I knew Marshall would most likely be there. Instead he showed up here. Maybe I should have gone with Charleigh after all. 

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