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The first three books in the Taking Chances series are on sale!

Grab Welcome to Your Life FREE!

Title: Welcome to Your Life

Series: Taking Chances #1
Genre: ,

Pregnant and alone. That’s not how I expected to end up after high school.

Jake wants me back. But I don’t want that toxic relationship. We aren’t good together and this baby isn’t the reason we should work things out.

Between work and school, I barely have time to figure out what I want to do. That is until I’m paired up with a hot guy in class for a project. He’s slowly working his way into my heart. But, I’m pregnant and trying to adjust to my new life. How can he actually be interested in me?

With Jake home from college, he’s doubling his efforts. Especially now that he sees me with Reaf.

I have decisions to make...and it’s not just about me anymore.

Content Warnings

  • Verbal Abuse
  • Teen Pregnancy



Cruel and Beautiful World is on sale for $2.99

Title: Cruel and Beautiful World

Series: Taking Chances #2

Perfect student by day, party girl by night.

I may look like I have my life together, but I don’t. Almost every decision I make is controlled by my father since he bankrolls my education.

Passing all of my classes: Check

Letting Dear Ol’ Dad control my class load: Check

Finding ways to piss him off: Double Check

Parties are the only things I can control. No pressure from my parents and I can be me. It’s a freedom I won’t let go of. And I don’t need saving from myself. Especially not from one of my straight-laced classmates that seems to have made it his life mission. I don’t care how good looking he is. He can see the writing on the wall and refuses to let me end up like his mother.


Content Warnings

  • Alcohol Consumption & abuse
  • Addiction
  • Emotional abuse from parents



Ways to Go is on sale for $2.99

Title: Ways to Go

Series: Taking Chances #3

I screwed up and I can’t blame anyone but myself.

I have a kid who I’ve only seen through pictures. My girlfriend left me and decided to raise our daughter with another man.

That all changes when I decide to get a tattoo with my buddies on a drunken night. I have one objective, get some ink to distract me from my problems. Charleigh, the sassy receptionist, takes me by surprise. She acts like she hates me, but I know there’s something between us.

I need to put my life back together. I have to in order to be the father I need to be for my baby girl. The only problem...I’m falling for Charleigh, but she doesn’t know everything about me.

Content Warning

  • Emotional abuse from parents


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Posted July 1, 2022 by katrinamarieauthor in Journal / 0 Comments