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What is Patreon, you ask? It’s a community to offer support for your favorite creators. You pledge an amount each month to help the creator give you content, and in my case, produce books. But, you aren’t just giving money for nothing. There are different tiers and you can get certain things at each level. Keep reading and I’ll give you a break down of what each of my tiers offers. As of now, I have four, but that could change as it grows.

Tier 1: The Tip Jar

This is the lowest tier, and it pretty much does what it says. It keeps me caffeinated so I can work into the night. One of the few times i have to write. I’m also working on a Patron only newsletter that you’ll received. You’ll also get early looks at covers and graphics before anyone else!

Tier 2: Creative Dreamer

This tier gives you everything in the previous tier, as well as extras. What you ask? You get to read my work in progress as I write it! It’s unedited and will probably change. Even more… your feedback could change the direction of the story. You’ll also vote on character names and help me name locations in Asheville. Right now I’m trying to name a flower shop. It needs to be punny.

Tier 3: Early Dreamer

With this tier, you get not only everything in the previous tiers, but we’re gonna take it up a notch. You’ll also get a shout-out in my acknowledgements. Plus, 1 ebook per month. It’s predetermined and right now it’s Gone Country, but it will change monthly.

Tier 4: Big Dreamer (only 30 spots)

This is my highest tier right now and it has limited spots. You get everything previously mentioned but some pretty awesome additions. Not only do you get an ebook a month and the new release before it hits stores, you also get a signed & personalized copy of the new release. (There are caveats, like you have to be a patron for at least two months and a current patron to receive it.) You also get 10% off my merch store, and 10% off the paperbacks in my store!

Patreon is a great way to help your favorite creators do the thing they love…create. I know a lot of people don’t know exactly what a Patreon is, so I wanted to break it down a bit. I’m a huge fan of creators and a member of quite a few Patreon creators. My support helps them keep doing what they do. If you have any questions, feel free to email me. If you want to be a Patron of mine, just click the big button below.

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Posted August 24, 2022 by katrinamarieauthor in Journal / 0 Comments