Book Series: Gone in Love

Gone Country

I need this promotion.

Too bad I have to temporarily move to a small town to prove I deserve it. And, it’s not as easy as I thought it would be.

My car? Ends up in a ditch.

A hot shower? Interrupted by a snake.

Not to mention the quiet. How do people fall asleep without background noise?

The only good thing about Asheville is the mechanic that comes to my rescue and offers to fix my car. He’s playful, kind, and promises he’s not looking for a relationship, which is great since I won’t be here long. He can show me everything this town has to offer, including “other activities”…with no strings attached.

But how can I keep my eye on the prize when he’s looking at me like I’m his?

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Gone Steady

When it comes to men, I don’t get attached.

I’ve seen broken hearts, and will do anything to keep mine intact. I live life to the fullest even if that means bouncing from bed to bed with no commitments.

Until Spencer, one of my one night stands and someone I never thought I’d see again, walks through my front door. Shocking me more than I wish to admit.

With my cousins in charge of finding me a roommate, they would have never known. Despite the option to walk away, Spencer decides to go through with being my roomie.

I don’t know how long I can resist my attraction to him when he’s living in the room next door.

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Gone Again

I’m just fine with the status quo. So what if I’m single.

The happily ever afters that my cousins have found are something I don’t need. The company I’m working for is merging with another one, that’s what is important. Until I run into my high school sweetheart. Now I don’t know what to think.

Seeing him has to be a fluke. Right?

Nope. He’s one of my new bosses. That’s exactly what I didn’t need. He broke my heart all those years ago, and now I’m stuck seeing him Monday through Friday.

The big question is...can I push aside old wounds to keep the work environment from being hostile? Or will I fall into his arms once again?

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